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Rogue Air & Space

Pushing the boundaries of Avionics and Aerospace communications and data


With a wide range of backgrounds, we see the whole picture and innovate in non-traditional ways in this space.

Driven Forward

We utilize radio frequency technologies used in other industries in novel ways when applied to the aerospace industry

User Focused

With a new twist on workflow and UI for aviation and aerospace, we lead the way to lowering pilot workloads and increasing safety.

bozeman montana airport and rocky mountains

Based in Bozeman

Based in Bozeman, MT – we live and work where we play. Home to Montana State University and several state of the art aerospace corporations, we are in good company to innovate and lead.

General Aviation Start

We got our roots in General Aviation, and that drives our mindset and drive to get the very best technology into the hands of pilots everywhere. From Cessna 150s, to Piper Aerostars, to TBM and Pilatus, we’re there.

We are driven by values

Simple is better. we are driven by fresh takes on old solutions.

Featured Work

Let Rogue break barriers for you.

Our name says it all. We don’t believe in conformity or normality when it comes to solutions. We strive for safety, innovation, and new applications of existing technology to break molds and challenge the norm.