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About Us

Our Story

Starting out as co-workers in the powersports industry, our two co-founders reconnected years later over the shared passion of general aviation. Thinking of ways to apply modern radio frequency decimation and processing techniques in novel ways in the aerospace industry, the company was born.

We are driven by values

Simplicity is a fundamental corporate value in the world of avionics companies, driving innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. Avionics systems are critical components of modern aircraft, and simplicity plays a pivotal role in their design and operation. A commitment to simplicity ensures that avionics systems are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and less prone to errors or malfunctions. Simplicity in design and user interfaces enhances pilot and technician efficiency, reduces training requirements, and minimizes the potential for costly errors. Moreover, streamlined avionics systems result in lighter and more fuel-efficient aircraft, contributing to sustainability goals.